Why Do Men Want a Bigger Penis?

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Why Do Men Want a Bigger Penis?

The question that both men and women are asking is “Why do men want a bigger penis?“. We hope to answer that in the article below.

The pressure that is put on men in regards to their penis size are at an all time high. With porn, women;s magazines, Hollywood and pop culture as a whole suggesting that “bigger is better”.

Most women will tell you that this is nothing new, but through the sexualization of our society issues such as penis size are being openly talked about, whereas in the past these issues were not openly discussed.

It is clear that society today looks down on men who have a small penis. These men are made to feel sexually inadequate, and in many cases are made the object of ridicule. Penis size is becoming a preoccupation with many men and they are looking far ways to grow their penis. We outline many of the ways men use to make their penis grow bigger on our site, but this article is focused on why men want a bigger penis.

Women want a big penis

The biggest reason men want a bigger penis is to please women or to please their partner. 80% of women wish their partner had a bigger penis and 35% say their partners penis is too small to satisfy them during vaginal intercourse. The biggest complaint is in the girth department, with women finding the man’s penis is too thin to stimulate orgasm. Women find it difficult to share this with their partner because the man is not aware of how much girth does indeed matter. Aside from a bigger penis being more pleasurable physically, women report that just the visual stimulation that a large penis provides makes sex more pleasurable.


Nearly every man loves their penis, tt is the central focus of the lives of most men. There are very few men out there who don’t want a bigger penis. There is nothing wrong with making your penis bigger out of vanity, it is no different than a man working out at the gym to improve his body. Growing your penis can be considered healthy as long as it is done in a safe manner, and people manage their expectations of how much their penis will grow.

Small Penis in the locker room

A certain percentage of men want a bigger penis because they are ridiculed for their small penis in a locker room setting, and seek to out methods of making it grow bigger. In many cases these men are only concerned with the size of their flaccid penis. It is common for men who are involved in sports, or men who casually work out at the gym, to have to take off their clothes in the locker room and have their naked bodies exposed. This leads their penis to be exposed on a regular basis, which causes anxiety in many men.

Competition With other men

Certain men are very competitive and want to have the biggest penis around. Most of these men have been involved in athletics and bodybuilding, and have found success growing their muscles, and have decided to do the same thing with their penis. Although these types of men experience big gains in penis size due to their dedication, they are very likely to experience an penis injury as well.

Low Self Esteem

Some men suffer from low self esteem and they develop the belief that having a bigger penis will lead to being more confident. These types of men are usually unsatisfied with the size of their penis no matter how much they make it grow, so it is no surprising that they are the most likely group to experience a penis injury.