Peyronie’s Disease or Bent Penis

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Peyronie’s Disease or Bent Penis

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that effects the penis shaft causing abnormal bending, curving or indentation that is the result of scar tissue forming on the tunica albuginea. Peyronie’s disease is a serious issue for men because it causes erectile dysfunction, loss of both penis girth and penis length.

There is still much to be understood about Peyronie’s disease, with many of the sufferers searching for answers on the internet. What is known is that scar tissue forms hard  lesions or “plaques” that can be felt when the penis is erect, and these plaques cause curves, bends or indentations in the penile shaft.

It is believed that Peyronie’s is the result of injury or trauma to the penis, although many of the sufferers recall no such incident. About 5% of the male population will suffer from Peyronie’s disease and although it effects all men, it tends to show up in caucasian males that are 40+ years old.

How to fix Bent Penis

In around 12-15% of cases the condition go away on it’s own and the penis returns to normal. However, many men may require treatment such as the penis extender device, which was originally developed to fix curvature of the penis caused by Peyronie’s and other conditions by applying steady pressure to straighten the shaft.

Penis extenders can only fix a bend and it cannot fix an indentation or divot as a result of Peyronie’s related scar tissue. Surgery to remove the scar tissue should only be used as a last result because it requires the removal of penile tissue that results in a loss of length and girth.

Remember that not all penis curves are caused by Peyronie’s and the disease should not be confused a “congenital curve” which is a bend in the penis shaft that occurs in some men at birth, and is not caused by scar tissue.