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Penis Extenders are a have been an option ever since International Journal of Impotence Research ran a study that found using “Penis Extenders”, or devices that put constant traction on the penis, were found to increase the length of the penis in direct correlation to how long the device was worn.

This means that the longer you wear a penis extender the longer your penis becomes. Many men have reported increase in penile girth, as well as length, when using penis extenders in addition to penis growth pills.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

To put it simply, when you apply constant traction to the penis by stretching it out, the body reacts by creating more cells to cope with the pressure, which results in a larger penis. The traction that is put on the penis using an extender is very light and painless. The idea is not to shock or hurt the penis, but apply slow steady traction for a continued period of time. For more info please see the Penis Extender Q&A.

Best Penis Extender


The ProExtender System is what we recommend to those wanting a bigger penis in the quickest amount of time. This is a four in one system that include a the ProExtender penis extender, penis growth pills, penis volume pills, and an instructional CD on how to properly use the extender, which is very important from a safety standpoint.

The ProExtender is fully adjustable. This is because you want to gradually increase the amount of traction you put on the penis. The longer your penis gets, the more traction you will need to put on it in order to make it bigger. The VigRX Plus growth pills that come with the ProExtender System allow for maximum recovery and growth of the penis during stretching.

Are Penis Extenders Really Safe?

Penis extenders are recommended by Doctors worldwide for men who would like a larger penis, and men who would like to correct and abnormal curve or bend in the shaft. The ProExtender is prescribed by Doctors in over 29 countries, and tens of thousands have purchased the penis extender on advice from their Physician.