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Manual Penis Growth Exercises

Building upon technique used in by African tribes, men using manual exercises to make their penis grow bigger is becoming a trend. However, this trend is becoming dangerous because many people are trying unproven and unsafe exercises that can damage the penis.

Do Penis Exercises Work?

Yes, penis growth exercises work by forcing blood into the penis, which then expands the penile tissue. By progressively expanding the tissue of your penis, it stretches to accommodate more blood, and the result is a thicker and longer penis. The key is to slowly progress in the duration and intensity of your exercises, just like a bodybuilder would.

Safe Penis Growth Exercises

We highly recommend that you take part in an instructional course before attempting any manual penis growth techniques. When performed incorrectly, penis exercises can become very dangerous, and many men have suffered damage to their penis attempting exercises they have not learned properly.

We recommend following the program at ErectionFitness because it will give you a set plan for making your penis bigger. The course is very straight forward. It is designed to make growing your penis with manual exercises as safe, and easy as possible.  The For Men Only CD gives detailed demonstrations of how to safely perform the exercises, and includes a simple to use penis enhancement e-book to go along with the instructional video.

You will learn manual penis growth exercises that:

  • Make your penis longer
  • Make you penis thicker
  • Correct curves in the penis

Types of Penis Growth Exercises

There are two main types of penis growth exercises:

Manual Penis Stretching

Manual penis stretching involves stretching your flaccid (or semi erect) using your hands. The principle is that same as a penis extender, only there is no apparatus involved.

Jelqing The Penis

The term “Jelqing” refers to a manual exercise that forces blood into the penis. The main intent of jelqing is to increase the girth of your penis and make it thicker.