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How To Measure Your Penis

The topic of how to correctly measure your penis causes confusion for many men. The way of measuring your penis that we show you is the correct way. It is the way that all the scientific studies on penis size were performed. This means that when you look up the average penis size, the sizes were measured according to this method. This is important because many men may think they penis is bigger or smaller than it actually is.

The Correct Way to Measure Your Penis

Please refer to the diagram below. We will give you specific details on how to measure the both the erect length and circumference of your penis.

Correct way to measure penis length

Referring to the diagram above, the correct way to measure the length of the penis is by measuring along to top of the shaft, from base to tip. It is incorrect to measure along the side, or underneath the penis. You also must be standing straight up when you measure, not sitting or lying down.

Correct Way to Measure Penis Girth

The correct way to measure your penile girth, (how thick your penis is) you will need to take a measuring tape and measure around the middle of your shaft. It is incorrect to simply measure “across” the top because this does not give an accurate measurement of penile girth.

Bone Pressed Penis Measurements

The term “Bone Pressed” when talking about penis measurements refers to pressing the ruler firmly into the pelvic bone in order to get the full measurement of the shaft. Many people consider this “cheating”, but that is incorrect. For serious medical studies conducted on penis size, they always press the ruler firmly into the pelvic bone. This is because a man’s penis can become partially hidden by fat at the base, and pressing the ruler firmly to the bone helps to eliminate this variable and give a truly accurate measurement.