Penile Shaft Fracture or “Broken Penis”

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Penile Shaft Fracture or “Broken Penis”

A penile shaft fracture happens when the shaft of an erect penis becomes bent due to blunt force truama and the lining of the corpus cavernosum ruptures which causes internal bleeding. This is usally refferred to as a “broken penis” because when the injury occurs a loud “pop” or “crack” can be heard.

A fracture of the penis shaft is very serious injury and requires an immediate visit to the emergency room before permanent damage occurs. The common treatment for a “broken penis” is surgery to repair the rupture. Recovery time can be lengthy and requires that no sexual activity can occur due to even routines erections being painful.

“Broken penis” can only occur when the penile shaft is erect, because the flaccid penis can bent bent and twisted without much risk of injury.  This means that broken penis is usually the result of:

1. Vigorous sexual activity, whether vaginal intercourse or masturbation, where the penis strikes against a bone or similar hard surface and causes the rupture. This majority of emergency room visits are a result of a mis-aimed thrust that hit a pubic bone.

2. Aggressive penis enlargement techniques where manual exercises are done on the erect penis, which is highly dangerous and warned against by nearly all medical practitioners, is the reason for an increasing amount of emergency room visits. Many of the men who suffer a penis fracture while attempting to gorw their penis claim it was from masturbation instead of penis enlargement techniques.

Medically approved techniques to increase your penis size like the extender device work on the flaccid penis to make the erection longer. This is because the tissues of the penis are more pliable when soft and less susceptible to injury. Just look at the stage show “Puppetry of the Penis” to see what can safely be done with a flaccid penis.

Injury to the erect penile shaft is the precise reason that doctors warn against aggressive penile enlargement exercises that are performed on the erect penis. Some are willing to take the risk anyway, but what they do not realize is that permanent scarring can result from broken penis, and this scar tissue is hard and can cause “Peyronie’s Disease”, which make the penis bend at an abnormal angle.