Safely Grow Your Penis

Safely Grow Your Penis

The topic of “how to safely grow your penis” is very common among men, although penis enlargement (or growing your penis) is not talked about much, we get tons of emails from men asking the safest way to grow your penis and make it bigger.

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Is it Possible Make Your Penis Grow?

The answer is YES, it is possible to make your penis grow bigger. Many men have found renewed confidence and sexual health from using penile growth methods that also increase erection quality and duration. Most men report an all around improvement in sexual health, and an improved sex life from using safe penis growth techniques.

However, many men are using unsafe methods to try and make their penis grow bigger. These unsafe penile enlargement methods can lead to disfigurement, loss of size, loss of sensation, erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie’s disease.

That is why we highly recommend reading our website thoroughly before attempting to grow your penis. We will explain to you why:

  • How to grow your penis safely
  • Natural ways to grow our penis
  • Why Men want to make their penis grow bigger
  • What is the average penis size
  • What is the ideal penis size

Safe Ways to Make Your Penis Grow

The safe method that people have used to make their penis grow bigger generally fall into three categories.

Safe Natural Penis Growth Pills

Penis growth pills are herbal supplements that naturally make your penis grow larger. The pills we list on this website are safe, doctor tested, and totally free of negative side effects. Please read our section on here.

Safe Penis Extenders

Swedish doctors have proven that mechanical penis extenders that apply steady tension to the penis have been effective at lengthening the penis and straightening irregular curves and bends in the shaft. Many users have reported grow in penile girth from using the extenders as well. Please see out guide to Penis Extenders here.

Safe Manual Penis Growth Exercises

Many people have been using manual exercises to make their penis grow. Exercises can be very effective when combined with pills. But there are many dangerous exercises being taught that can cause you discomfort or severely damage your penis. Please see out guide to manual penis growth exercises. We highly recommend reading our guide to manual penis growth exercises before attempting anything yourself.

Safe Penis Growth Oils

Penis growth oil is applied directly to the penis and gives you immediate results with a stronger, fuller, and thicker erection. Men report an experience of an intense “throbbing” erection after using the oil. The ingredients contained with the penis growth oil also act to increase penis health and help men attain a fuller penis throughout the day. Please read more about penis growth oil here.

Safe Penis Growth Patches

Penis growth patches contain the same herbal formula as penis growth pills, except the ingredients are distrubuted throughout your system trans-dermally. The ingredients are absorbed through the skin and the process is totally safe woring in the same fashion as a nicotine patch. Please read about the penis growth patch here.

Why Men Want to Grow Their Penis

It is no wonder many men want to make their penis grow bigger, there is a lot of pressure put on men today in regards to body image and sexually satisfying your partner. Having a small penis can lead to depression, and even suicide. It helps men who are trying to cope with having a below average sized penis to read stories from other men going through the same thing, to realize they are not alone. Please read our upcoming article on “Why Men Want a Bigger Penis“, where we discuss the issue in depth.